• ClimaEuro RAH Air Handling Units have been designed to satisfy the specific requirements in air conditioning and heating.
  • ClimaEuro is able to provide professional and qualified design and support, high quality and defect free products, punctual service after sales.
  • ClimaEuro products are fully designed by owned software using 3D technology and by high qualified and specialized technicians.

The BlueDuct

  • Direct-burial system, requires no insulation, drain tile or cement trench structures
  • Complete underground system to finished floor
  • Low-friction surface
  • Resists mildew, mold and radon
  • Self-insulated for R-10-equivalent performance
  • No PVC coating or potential for corrosion
  • Does not emit VOCs or toxic gases
  • Post installation leak testing ensures air- and water-tight seal
  • Meets code standards for underground ductwork and below-flood installation
  • Approved for 265°F in UL 181 High Temperature Test
  • Industry-leading warranty
The BlueDuct
The BlueDuct

UV Light Progress

    Applied inside AHU (Air Handling Unit), UV-STICK-SCR eliminates viruses, bacteria, moulds, spores and inhibits their dangerous proliferation in Air Conditioning Systems.
    Applied inside FAN COILS, or in narrow spaces inside small ductless systems, such as split and mini-split, UV-STYLO-FC helps to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) eliminating the microbial load and the spreading and distribution of hazardous and annoying pathogens inside buildings.
UV Lights Progress

Flex Air

  • Films
  • Lamination Adhesives
  • Paper Coating Lines – Flood coats (100% lay downs)
  • Tunnel Dryers
  • Tag and Label
  • Wide Web – CI Between Color
  • Envelopes
  • Inkjet Drying
  • Folding Carton & Corrugated
  • Scratch-Off Coatings
  • Screen Printing (RFID)


  • To address the issues of vibration and noise control/dampening in mechanical, refrigeration, HVAC and electrical installations, VIGO offers a gamut of vibration isolation products.
  • It is our constant effort to offer quality support system products that meet today’s demands of construction industry.
  • Vibration is one of the most important things that engineers deal with. It is not always easy to predict, which is why engineers must both design systems to eliminate vibrations and also use vibration isolators to control the problem after a system is designed to the best of the engineer’s ability.
  • VIGO vibration isolators ensure continued service and enhanced well-being of the system.
Multi Layer Pad
Duct Mount
spring hanger